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Crystal Green is the first slow-release nutrient technology to offer plant-available phosphorus, with nitrogen and magnesium, in one citrate-soluble granule. Crystal Green provides your turf with a slow-release and environmentally responsible fertilizer, delivering consistent, plant-available nutrients, right when the roots need it most.

How it Works

As turfgrass grows it produces organic acids, such as citrates, to help roots absorb nutrients. Formulated with citrate-soluble phosphorus, plus nitrogen and magnesium, Crystal Green granules have low water solubility, releasing slowly in response to organic acid production, gradually supplying the soil solution with nutrients to meet plant demand. This plant-activated nutrient release minimizes excess phosphorus in the soil, lowering the risk of leaching and runoff while providing the turf a season-long supply of phosphorus as the roots need it.

Sustainable Phosphorous

The Crystal Green sustainable solution safeguards precious water resources at both ends of the water-nutrient cycle. First, essential nutrients are recovered, such as phosphorus and nitrogen, from process water streams, thereby preventing them from entering the watershed in the first place. Then these nutrients are transformed into a viable alternative to conventional phosphorus fertilizer, which, in turn reduces the risk of fertilizer leaching and runoff into adjacent waterways, due to its slow-release and citrate-soluble formulation.

Crystal Green is a 99.9% pure, crystalline compound and a slow-release form of phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium. Slow-release means season-long availability and reduced risk of runoff into adjacent waterways. The nutrients remain in the soil for improved plant performance, greener plants and significant cost and time savings, while providing environmental benefits. Unlike conventional monoammonium phosphate (MAP) or diammonium phosphate (DAP) fertilizers, Crystal Green lasts all season long, minimizing application rates and facilitating winter survival and rapid spring green up.