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Early Spring to Spring Pre-Emergent Weed Control

DIMENSION (dithiopyr) provides season-long pre-emergence post control of the toughest grasses as well as controlling more small-seeded annual broadleaf weeds than any other herbicide.  DIMENSION can be used as a pre-emergent before crabgrass germination, or as a post-emerge application up to 3 leaf tillering.  When it comes to weed prevention on golf courses, DIMENSION provides a wide range of application options (spring, summer, and fall) and controls poa annua along with 25 other tough grasses and broadleaf weeds.  For best results, apply DIMENSION at the minimum rate of .125-.50 lb. A.I. in northern climates (provides approximately 90-180 day control), and .25-.50-lb. A.I. per acre in southern climates (for 120-180 day control), not to exceed a total of 1.5-lbs. A.I. per acre per year.  The components in DIMENSION are not effective unless activated by a minimum .5 inch rainfall or overhead irrigation.
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