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These spreader settings are suggestions and are not a replacement for properly calibrating your spreader. See your spreader manufacturer's guide for proper spreader calibration.
Calculating the appropriate rates for your fertilizer application can be confusing for those who don't do it regularly. Here are some helpful formulas and related information that can help get your acre squared away.
A healthy and lush lawn isn't difficult to establish but does require following a few key steps to ensure your grass takes root properly. Here are the methods that will give your seed the best possible chance of growing a lawn you can take pride in.
Calibrating a Granular Spreader Calculate the application rate per 1,000 sq. ft. for your site. This can be found by taking your target nitrogen application, for this example we will use .8 lbs of nitrogen per thousand, and dividing it by the percent nitrogen content of the fertilizer you are applying. If you are using a 25-0-4 fertilizer, you will divide .8 by .25 which yields 3.2.  What...