Weed & Feed



Spring Valley broadleaf control products utilize the best ingredients for maximum granule coverage resulting in superior control.  Combination fertilizers with broadleaf weed   control (commonly referred to as “weed & feed”) products perform best when applied during periods of active weed growth (late spring through early fall).  Most products require active ingredient absorption through the weed leaf before it can be effective in eradicating broadleaf weeds.  Applying to wet turf (early morning dew or irrigation) provides an opportunity for the fertilizer granule to stick to weed leaves which gives the active ingredient being carried on the granule the greatest chance of being absorbed by the plant tissue. This application on wet turf, followed by direct sunlight during periods of active growth, provides the best results for weed and feed treatment. 

Trimec® and Viper® herbicides with a triple-blend of 2,4-D, MCPP, and Dicamba, provide economical control of a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds.  Viper has more 2, 4-D for extra power in controlling weeds and features fairway sized granules for a more even application. Surge adds Sulfentrazone to the mix helping to eliminate stubborn weed types as well as providing a faster visible reaction in the unwanted plants.

Weed and Feed Fertilizers Item Number Ingredients Label SDS
15-0-2 + Viper (Fairway Grade) 2015808 100% Regain, SOP Label  SDS
18-0-2 + Trimec 2018627 100% Regain, MOP Label  SDS
20-0-5 + Surge 2078450 25% XCU, MOP Label  SDS