Pre-Emergent Grassy Weed Control


DIMENSION (dithiopyr) provides season-long pre-emergence post control of the toughest grasses as well as controlling more small-seeded annual broadleaf weeds than any other herbicide.  DIMENSION can be used as a pre-emergent before crabgrass germination, or as a post-emerge application up to 3 leaf tillering.  When it comes to weed prevention on golf courses, DIMENSION provides a wide range of application options (spring, summer, and fall) and controls poa annua along with 25 other tough grasses and broadleaf weeds.  For best results, apply DIMENSION at the minimum rate of .125-.50 lb. A.I. in northern climates (provides approximately 90-180 day control), and .25-.50-lb. A.I. per acre in southern climates (for 120-180 day control), not to exceed a total of 1.5-lbs. A.I. per acre per year.  The components in DIMENSION are not effective unless activated by a minimum .5 inch rainfall or overhead irrigation.

Dimension Blends Item Number Ingredients Label SDS
18-0-3 + .10 Dimension 2019127 25% XCU Label  SDS
19-0-0 + .10 Dimension 2025326 100% Regain Label  SDS
13-0-0 + .125 Dimension 2014746 100% Regain Label  SDS
19-0-3 + .125 Dimension 2015530 30% XCU, MOP Label  SDS
13-0-0 + .15 Dimension 2014743 100% Regain Label  SDS
18-0-3 + .15 Dimension 2019123 25% XCU, MOP Label  SDS
19-0-3 + .15 Dimension 2015532 30% XCU, MOP Label  SDS
13-0-5 + .17 Dimension 2014677 30% UFLEXX, MOP Label  SDS
19-0-5 + .25 Dimension 2078585 25% ULFEXX, 20% Top Cut, MOP Label  SDS


Prodiamine is a pre-emergent herbicide that is economical, offers a low-dose application rate, and is highly effective against controlling over 30 grassy and broadleaf weeds including crabgrass, goosegrass and poa annua. Prodiamine is non-staining, and offers a wide range of application flexibility. A single application is all that is needed for season-long control, with many turfgrass professionals choosing to apply Prodiamine in the fall after soil temperatures retreat below 50°F. Prodiamine has the lowest water solubility and volatility and stays within the top one half inch of soil. For best results, apply Prodiamine at the minimum rate of .50-lb. A.I. per acre for control up to 12 weeks, 1.00-lb. A.I. per acre for up to 20 week control, and 1.50-lb. A.I. per acre for up to 32 week control.
The components of Prodiamine are not effective unless activated by a minimum .5 inch rainfall or overhead irrigation.

Prodiamine Blends Item Number Ingredients Label SDS
5-0-10 + .20 Prodiamine  2070427 All Mineral, MOP Label  SDS
19-0-3 + .20 Prodiamine 2015542 25% XCU, MOP Label  SDS
12-0-0 + .29 Prodiamine 2010234 100% Regain Label  SDS
15-0-3 + .29 Prodiamine 2016221 25% XCU, MOP Label  SDS
17-0-0 + .29 Prodiamine 2019881 100% Regain Label  SDS
17-0-0 + .37 Prodiamine 2019871 100% Regain Label  SDS
13-0-5 + .42 Prodiamine 2014731 100% Regain, MOP Label  SDS
18-0-3 + .42 Prodiamine 2019115 25% XCU, MOP Label  SDS
19-0-2 + .42 Prodiamine 2015527 25% UFLEXX, MOP Label  SDS
19-0-3 + .42 Prodiamine 2015547 100% Regain, MOP Label  SDS
13-0-5 + .58 Prodiamine 2014679 100% Regain, MOP Label  SDS


Oxadiazon is a premium pre-emergent weed control product for use on varieties of Perennial Bluegrass, Bentgrass, Bermuda grass, Buffalo grass, Perennial Ryegrass, St. Augustine grass, Seashore Paspalum, Tall Fescue and Zoysiagrass. Also for use around Ornamental Shrubs, Vines, Trees, and Ground Covers. Available in two rates Oxadiazon will control Crabgrass, Goosegrass, Poa annua, Annual Sedge and other weeds as listed, on Golf Courses, Parks and Recreational and Ornamental turf.

Oxadiazon Blends Item Number Ingredients Label SDS
5-0-20 + .10 Oxadiazon 2070413 All Mineral, MOP Label  SDS
5-0-20 + .15 Oxadiazon 2070414 All Mineral, MOP Label  SDS