Golf - Fairway Grade

Spring Valley’s fairway grade fertilizers are premium mini-sized fertilizer nutrients that are ideal for the demands to achieve top quality turf performance, particularly for golf fairways, athletic fields and other short-cut turf areas. The precise control of nitrogen release combined with low salt ingredients promotes a superior, sustained color response that produces the visual appeal and the championship playability turf professionals desire. The mini-granular particles are uniformly sized for even application that will quickly settle beneath the turf canopy with minimal effect on ball roll or mower pick-up.

How to Use*

For optimum performance, begin spring applications just before soil temperatures reach 50°F. Although nitrogen can be applied at the rate of 1.0 lb. per 1,000 sq. ft. every 8 weeks, it is also recommended that lighter, half-rate applications be made each month, especially during hot, dry periods. Continue scheduled feedings throughout the growing season until soil temperature retreats to below 50°F. Late fall and dormant feedings are recommended after soil temperatures remain below 50°F for several consecutive days and turf growth has slowed considerably.

Apply product evenly with a calibrated spreader. For best results, irrigating after applications will aid in granule penetration in close-cut dense turf. Removing grass catchers for initial mowing will minimize particle pick-up.

*Southern turf grasses, including St. Augustine and hybrid Bermuda grasses may require higher levels of nitrogen for optimum performance.


Greens Grade Blends Item Number Ingredients SDS
22-0-5 2017578 NutriLife, DDP Fe, Mn, Zn, Regain 20% Top Cut, SOP  SDS
21-0-11 2033778 96% Nutralene, 22% Top Cut, SOP  SDS
20-0-20 2028655 Regain, SOP  SDS
17-0-17 2000335 80% Nutralene, 4.5% Mg, 18% Top Cut, SOP  SDS
15-2-15 2016411 84% Nutralene, NutriLife, DDP Fe, 25% Top Cut, SOP  SDS
14-0-28 2074710 Regain, SOP  SDS
12-1-12 2010150 75% Nutralene, 2% Fe, 25% Top Cut, Bio-Kote, SOP  SDS
10-20-10 2007255 NutriLife, Regain, SOP  SDS
4-4-0 2067360 Top Cut  SDS