Straight Fertilizer

Spring Valley products integrate the latest advancements in nutrient technologies that are better for greenspace management, the environment, and your bottom line. Our products moves beyond the conventional maintenance products that simply provide adequate results at a reasonable cost. With Spring Valley you can expand your customer base to include a new category of consumers that want more than lawn and landscape service. With our products you will get results and capitalize on the cost advantage savings by using 20-30% less fertilizer than conventional products (NutriLife® alone), or up to 40% less fertilizer when used with NutriLife.

Spring Valley fertilizers with NutriLife is a new generation of fertilizers that is the ideal solution for greenspace management, the environment, and your bottom line. With NutriLife technology you will enjoy the same benefits of achieving superior turf results, while using less and spending less. With NutriLife you can use less and get more and our reports prove it.   NutriLife has been tested in over 450 trials including multi-year University and USDA testing. Simply stated, the improved nutrient uptake and turf quality you achieve with NutriLife means you can use 20-30% less fertilizer and get as good or better results. In addition to better turf and cost savings, our fertilizers with NutriLife present less risk to the environment by reducing wasted nutrients through leaching, runoff, de-mineralization, and volatilization.  NutriLife is a highly diversified microbial-based additive specifically developed to aid in fertilizer efficiency. With NutriLife more nutrients work their way into the plant to greatly enhance development with less fertilizer wasted to the environment. The biological capabilities of NutriLife metabolize a wide range of natural and synthetic food sources for turf and other ornamental trees and shrubs.  NutriLife products are extremely stable and have a shelf life of over 2 years.

Standard Series Item Number Ingredients Label SDS
4-4-0 2067370 100% Top Cut Label  SDS
18-0-4 2078627 100% Regain, 20% Top Cut, NutriLife, MOP Label  SDS
22-0-4 2017538 100% Regain, MOP Label  SDS
24-0-6 2034679 60% Duration 45, MOP Label  SDS
24-0-11 2252600 50% XCU, MOP Label  SDS
27-0-5 2047275 100% Regain, DDP Fe, MOP Label  SDS
33-0-5 2054367 100% Regain, MOP Label  SDS
36-0-6 2456125 80% Duration 120, MOP Label  SDS
Starter Blends        
12-22-10 2015040 Urea, Micros, MOP Label  SDS
18-12-6 wtih Avail 2024910 25% XCU, Avail, MOP Label  SDS