DDP® is an innovative non N-P-K treatment manufactured by the Wolfrax company which Spring Valley applies to our fertilizers. It is highly effective in its ability to rapidly transfer micronutrients to plant tissues while providing superior color results without the worry of excess shoot growth, nitrogen and phosphorous run-off, or groundwater/watershed contamination issues. 

Consistent and Accurate Application

Electrostatic adhesion allows DDP (Dry Dispersible Powder) to adhere to every granule of fertilizer or carrier to provide consistent and accurate application without the worry of misses or gaps common with conventional micronutrient applications.  Traditional granular micronutrients settle out unevenly after handling -- DDP fertilizer coating stays on each prill of fertilizer.  Provides clean, consistent, application that gets superior performance results. The granule delivers nutrients and/or control products to the target areas and then is quickly broken down to fibers that are 100% biodegradable. 

How it works

DDP is chemically formulated for optimum uptake with DUAL ACTION availability.  Works in two phases - one that is immediately available for uptake in the plant, another for providing slow, continuous uptake at the plant root interceptors that remains available to the plant for 4 weeks or more.

Two formulas

Spring Valley offers two different formulations:

1.  Proprietary blends of micronutriets: Iron, Manganese and Zinc

2.  Iron formula