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NutriLife® is a biochemical fertilizer catalyst that makes fertility programs more efficient by getting more nutrients into the plant and improving plant performance. Uniquely available to Spring Valley and our designated partners, NutriLife improves the conversion of organic and inorganic fertilizers into plant-available forms.

NutriLife has been tested and proven in over 600 field studies conducted by Agricen, universities, the USDA and other third party evaluators. Spring Valley also performs independent university research in turf applications on NutriLife further documenting the benefits of the biochemical additive. Spring Valley is dedicated to bringing leading-edge technology to market, providing you with the latest advancements in fertilizer solutions. 

Biochemical Components

Other fertilizer technologies work against the soil system focusing on only one nutrient. NutriLife works with the nutrient cycling system focusing on all nutrients. Biochemicals provide the tools that the bacteria in the soil need to function, determining their ability to process soil nutrients to stimulate root growth and produce healthier plants. Soil  microbes and their biochemical components play a major role in nutrient efficiency, as it is the soil microbe activity that releases the nutrients for the plant and other microbes to use.


NutriLife Benefits

  •    - Improved nutrient availability and uptake 
  •    - Larger root mass 
  •    - Healthier, more colorful turf 
  •    - More efficient use of nutrients
  •    - Reduced turf stress 
  •    - Minimized nutrient runoff and leaching