Regain® is a stabilized nitrogen additive available in Spring Valley professional fertilizers. Regain provides the most advanced, continuous protection and stabilization of applied nitrogen, insuring a turf manager’s fertilizer investment against wasteful nitrogen loss.  Delivering the nutrient benefits at lower application rates, Regain products can decrease fertilizer costs over similar areas of application.

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Up to 50 percent of applied nitrogen can be lost to leaching, volatilization and denitrification. Regain continuously protects and stabilizes applied nitrogen fertilizer by controlling urease – keeping more nitrogen in the ammonium form reducing the loss of nitrogen. Unlike other nitrogen–fertilizer additives, Regain lets you apply nitrogen when and how it works for you, adding flexibility to your application schedule from fall to spring.

How Regain Works:

  • Urease is a naturally occurring enzyme that breaks down applied nitrogen, producing nitrogen volatilization.
  • Regain bonds with elements in the soil (multi-valent cations) which prevents urease from functioning.
  • More of the applied nitrogen stays in the root zone remaining available to the turf for a longer amount of time.
  • Regain maintains the nitrogen in the soil in the ammonium form versus the nitrate form, which is more readily absorbed by the turf.

What Regain can do for you?

  • Keeps nitrogen where turf can use it
  • Less nitrate runoff in waterways
  • Less Leaching
  • Better Results