Tenderfoot Ice Melter

Tenderfoot® Ice Melter – Pet Friendly

In the rapidly growing area of ecofriendly products, Tenderfoot is a fresh, clean solution to protect your family and pets.  Safety is a critical issue, and the ingredients in Tenderfoot Ice Melter are much safer to use around the home. Unlike some ice melters, Tenderfoot won’t burn or irritate the skin, providing peace of mind for pet owners. Cold weather won’t keep dogs or cats inside. When you use Tenderfoot, there’s less worry about pets licking their paws when they return from a walk. The basic rule is if you’re not comfortable in the cold, your pet probably isn’t either.

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Melts to 0F°

Tenderfoot is geared to outperform other de-icer products by melting to 0F°.

Defrost® Activator Works Fast

Tenderfoot granules are coated with a powerful de-icing agent that works on snow and ice faster than untreated de-icers.

Safer for pets paws, eyes, and skin.

For pets, even slight exposure to many salt-based deicer products can result in severe irritation, especially to tender surfaces of their paws, eyes and skin, and may cause internal burns of the mouth and digestive system if ingested. With Tenderfoot you will have peace of mind knowing you are better protected against slip and fall accidents and your pet will not be exposed to the health dangers with salt-based de-icers.

Leaves no greasy residue to indoor surfaces and carpeting

Many de-icers get tracked indoors and leave a “greasy” wet film on hard surfaces – worse yet, can damage indoor flooring and carpeting. Tenderfoot leaves no greasy residue and, because it is 100% water soluble, can be easily cleaned with just soap and water.

Less corrosive and 100% bio-degradable

Tenderfoot has been treated with special ingredients that reduce corrosion to metal, electrical outlets and automobiles.

Safer for the environment

Many snow and ice melt products rely on high concentrations of salt and other chloride compounds that can cause severe burn to lawns, landscape plants and even contaminate groundwater. When used as directed, Tenderfoot is gentle on the environment and can even promote growth and vigor to most landscape greenery.

Tenderfoot Ice Melter Item Number Bags / Pallet
20 lb Bag 3085300 100