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Spring Valley is dedicated to supplying only the highest quality ingredients and latest technologies to our customers. In this time of growing environmental concerns Spring Valley shares our customers' desire to provide beautiful lawns, ice free walkways, and clean work spaces while at the same time making the most efficient use of our natural resources. Our exclusive technologies take advantage of the latest advancements in the turf care and ice removal world to provide our customers with the absolute best solution to their needs. Click on the links below to learn more about these exciting technologies.

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Stabilized Nitrogen

Regain® is a stabilized nitrogen additive available in Spring Valley professional fertilizers. Regain provides the most advanced, continuous protection and stabilization of applied nitrogen, insuring a turf manager’s fertilizer investment against wasteful nitrogen loss.  Delivering the nutrient benefits at lower application rates, Regain products can decrease fertilizer costs over similar areas of application.

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Metabolic Catalyst

NutriLife® is a biochemical fertilizer catalyst that makes fertility programs more efficient by getting more nutrients into the plant and improving plant performance. Uniquely available to Spring Valley and our designated partners, NutriLife improves the conversion of organic and inorganic fertilizers into plant-available forms.
NutriLife has been tested and proven in over 600 field studies conducted by Agricen, universities, the USDA and other third party evaluators. Spring Valley also performs independent university research in turf applications on NutriLife further documenting the benefits of the biochemical additive. Spring Valley is dedicated to bringing leading-edge technology to market, providing you with the latest advancements in fertilizer solutions.

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Top Cut® is an organic, nutrient-rich, nitrogen fertilizer source produced from biosolids. The addition of Top Cut to Spring Valley fertilizers replenishes the organic matter and also improves soil structure by increasing the soil’s ability to absorb and store moisture. Combining Top Cut with other fertilizers complements the agronomic benefits of natural fertilizers with the quick response and economy of traditional fertilizers.
Top Cut is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, two primary nutrients essential for turf growth, and also contains micronutrients such as calcium, sulfur,iron and humic acid. Because the nutrients are released as the plant needs it, they are less likely to leach into waterways, which is better for the environment. The slow release feeding also provides more uniform growth, a more established root system and thicker, healthier turf.


Complete Micro Nutrient Coverage

DDP® is an innovative non N-P-K treatment manufactured by the Wolfrax company which Spring Valley applies to our fertilizers. It is highly effective in its ability to rapidly transfer micronutrients to plant tissues while providing superior color results without the worry of excess shoot growth, nitrogen and phosphorous run-off, or groundwater/watershed contamination issues. 

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